Average vertical jump by age

Average vertical jump by age, height for both men's and women's 

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Most question to ask? 

1. Average Vertical Jump for Men and Women by age and height. 

2. Average Vertical Jump of NBA Players.

3. Average Vertical Jump of NFL Players.

4. Average vertical jump of Volleyball Players.

5. What is Vertical Jump Training Resources.

7. How to calculate Average vertical jump. 

6. Reason why I need to search for expert  vertical jump. 

8. Tips for vertical jumping strategy.

Perhaps the best ways to see how well you're doing in any skill is to contrast and others. So, measuring yourself and how high you jump to the average vertical jump of your peers or those you're going up against gives you a thought on the off chance that you need to work more diligently or not. Before we continue to average vertical jump for men and women by age and stature, what are they difficulties if vertical jump, first what is vertical jump. 

Meaning of vertical jump 

Agreeing Wikipedia A vertical jump or vertical jump is the demonstration of jumping upwards into the air. It very well may be an exercise for developing both perseverance and fortitude, and is also a standard test for measuring athletic performance. It might also be alluded to as a Sargent jump, named for Dudley Allen Sargent. 

We discovered that average vertical jump have some difficulties which we supposed to notice of, One of the difficulties that is experienced when looking at vertical jump tallness is that there are so numerous factors included. Furthermore, because you will not have the option to acquire everybody one room and test them under the same conditions you can't be totally sure that how you were tested is the same as how others were tested. 

Average Vertical Jump for Men and Women by age and height 

The first average vertical jump we'll go through is for men and women. 

In its most basic form, we can practically pack up everyone and get the average jump height. Yet, that has shown not to be viable because there is a wide disparity between the average vertical jump of men and women. Men are typically strong than women and by and large women attempt yet not at its for men. 

The body structure of males and females alongside how much muscle every one of their bodies have make men naturally ready to jump higher, basically by and large, OK before we move to average jump for athlete let us check the best average vertical jump for men and women. 

For men, to have a decent vertical jump the objective is to have the option to jump up no less than 24" or 2 feet high. Women then again will focus on something like 20". Before during the 20s the average jump for men it's just at 20.5" to 24". Yet, for women it's so low, I have set it before we can't contend men and women in terms of athletes it's exceptionally hard for women to won so for average vertical jump is at 16" to 19". 

Average Vertical Jump of NBA Players 

For tip high basketball players, the NBA draft consolidate results provide US an idea of what a good vertical jump is. Before going to that, square measure going to} make a case for the 2 jump tests that are tired the NBA be a part of, these are the most Vertical and therefore the Standing Vertical. enable American state to share the simplest people i like should during this NBA before we tend to check a lot of regarding the measurements of scoop vertical and standing vertical, simply 2 people that attain the highest score holder are Darrell David Lewelyn Wark Griffith and Jordan archangel the 2 of them have the vertical jump of forty nine inches and one hundred twenty five centimeters.

The maximum vertical 

The Maximum Vertical measures the highest jump of the player. In the test they give the players a running start and jump as high as they can. 

For Max vertical there is just between the scope of 4 to 10 players every year who accomplish more than 40" in the Maximum Vertical. Before that usually simply 1 to 3 players jump more than 40". 

Consistently we saw there are around 22 to 30 players who accomplish at between 35" to 40" in their Maximum Vertical. 

I still recollect, the best running jump then, at that point, on the off chance that you need to coordinate with the best basketball players on earth is to attempt to get to 35 or almost 40 before you can be a specialist in Max vertical jump". 

Standing vertical 

Standing Vertical players are not allowed to make any strides. They position themselves under the Vertical jump gadget and jump from a level footed starting position. Because the Standing Vertical doesn't have the advantage of running momentum or additional steps it is always lower than the Maximum Vertical, let look how vertical jump year for standing vertical. 

Yes we determined that around 20 to 35 players every year jump more than 30" from the level footed, no step jump. 

This makes 30" a decent objective to shoot for in terms of the no step vertical jump. 

Average Vertical Jump of NFL Players 

Let also check greater enlightenment on NFL vertical jump it's typically Similar to the tally that were recorded for school football and basketball players, NFL consolidate vertical jump scores show to be a lot higher than those of NBA players. 

I saw that most NFL don't used Max vertical to test unless standing vertical jump. This symbolize that their is not step before jump. 

Most average seen for vertical jump of NFL players is just at the scope of more than 40 inches from level footed jump position and just 10 player arrive at the highest jump. 

One thing we saw with both the NBA and NFL consolidate statistics is that every year there are an ever increasing number of players breaking the 30", 35" and 40" marks, which means that more athletes are incorporating jump training in their exercise routines. 

Average vertical jump of Volleyball Players 

In terms of volleyball average vertical jump, I saw that volleyball is not famous like NLF and basketball, so it's difficult to foresee about it and their is no much information about volleyball accessible. However, I accept that volleyball also have their own strategies through their coaches, because all competitor have vertical jump training resources, those coaches knows much about player, how rate vertical they posses. 

I saw One player with regards to volleyball he always have a magnificent astounding 50″ vertical jump. 

with regards to world class division competitor's position and division level. Overall, 19–20 inches is the average vertical jump for outsider hitters, right side hitters and center blockers. The average vertical jump for setters is roughly 18–19 inches. Defensive specialists and Liberia have an average vertical of around 18 inches. 

Vertical Jump Training Resources 

Presently!! I guess we've all known our average vertical jump, we would now be able to choose our mate to stand with and contrast with others and have something with shoot for. In any case, I will give you one strategies. the following stage is to sort out some way to arrive. 

With regards to working on your vertical jump there are a couple of ways. As far as exercises go, use our list of jump training exercises here to get results. Then, at that point, complement that with ploy metrics. These are incredible free resources. 

Reason why I need to search for expert  vertical jump. 

Note these into consideration 

  • Notwithstanding? Free just gets you so far. There's a reason NBA players recruit professional trainers during the slow time of year. 
  • Pros get you farther than doing it without anyone else's help. They also get you there faster. 
  • I exhortation you, make a point to ascertain and going to demonstrated jump programs. This will also assist you with realizing your vertical jump range. 

Average vertical jump calculation 

The basic thought is that for a given squat and bodyweight you should have the option to jump a given stature as long as your movement productivity in the jump is up to percent. In the event that your present squat gives you a vertical jump forecast that is over your genuine current jump tallness you realize you need to chip away at transferring your squat strength into jump explosiveness better, thus you need more real jump training and perhaps more explosive arranged training 

The vertical jump test involves measuring the contrast between the standing reach and the tallness came to at the pinnacle of a vertical jump. 

Calculation for all athletes 

Average Vertical Jump For athletes 

Sport (inch | cm) 

Men's Soccer 26.5 | 67.3 

Women's Soccer.             18.5 | 47.0 

Men's Volleyball 20.0 | 68.6 

Women's Volleyball 17.0 | 48.3 

NFL Football 40.0 | 81.3 

NBA Basketball 35.0 | 73.7 

MLB Baseball 30.0 | 76.2 


Men Olympic World lifted                       34.5 | 87.6 

Women Olympic World lifted                  25.5 | 64.8 

Men's Powerlifting 33.0 | 83.8 

Women's Powerlifting       23.0 | 58.4 

Men's High School Athlete     23.0 | 58.4 

Women's High School              15.0 | 38.1 

Tips for vertical jumping strategy 

Lastly before we finish our conversation about calculation of vertical jump, let consider on best strategies for vertical jump. 

1. Warmup with several easy jumps continued with a couple of moments rest 

2. While resting, stand with side toward wall or under vertical jump banner (illustrated) and reach up as high as possible keeping the feet level on the ground. Record or imprint standing reach. 

3. Standing slightly away from the wall or under vertical jump banner. Jump up as high as possible using the two arms and legs to assist in projecting the body upwards. Contact the wall or vertical jump banner at the highest point of the jump. 

4. Perform numerous attempts with short rests until a level or decrease in performance is observed. 

5. Figure the "net height" by subtracting the standing arrive at range from the jump stature. best of score is recorded. 


  • Mount vertical jump measuring tape to wall or use vertical jump apparatus. 
  • Put chalk (or water) on fingertips if using wall method. 

I believe we have understood most thing about average vertical jump height and age,  “It’s easy to make your own try. Go to vertical jump arena calculate you average score, move on to professional for learning and motivation And be an expert today.

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